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Transforming a home filled with lots of traditional furnishings into a more contemporary space...

Our client wanted to transform their room from a traditional space coloured with rich terracottas and ochres in to a room with a more contemporary feel.  Anxious that they would be unable to create something which was such a departure from their previous choices, they employed our services to ensure their project was a success.


We decided on a soft grey and mauve scheme so it would having a calming but warm feel and as the house is surrounded by beautiful gardens, we adapted one of the windows into an an additional door to the garden.  


The room was then complimented by a beautiful bespoke corner sofa, chairs and footstool made to fit the room perfectly along with a bespoke tv cabinet which also runs beneath the hole in the wall fire.   Soft grey textured wallpaper from Tektura, grey silk curtains along with lighting from Porta Romana and Eichholtz ensured the room gave the client exactly what they wanted. 


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