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Bringing colour back into our lives…

January and February can be a strange time, lots of us can feel a little jaded after the celebratory festive period.  Traditionally for us as interior designers, January is a welcome quieter month after the franticness of getting our client’s homes Christmas ready!   However, I notice that I’m being contacted earlier and earlier in January with clients eager to implement some changes.  I think that it’s not just ourselves that we feel needs a detox but our homes too.  Once the twinkling lights of the Christmas tree and all the metallic shimmerings are removed, the house can feel in need of a little pick-me-up too.   With the days short and often dull, I am frequently asked if I can make a room feel lighter.   On a gloomy afternoon in mid January, this can be tricky.   Making a room feel lighter, can sometimes make it feel colder too which is definitely not what is needed.  However, something that is much easier to achieve, is making a room brighter.  This is an easy fix by simply introducing colour.   Colour can lift our moods and change how we feel instantly.  It can pick us up and make us feel more optimistic.  A bright fabric covering a chair in a dark corner will transform the space.  Jewel colours of cushions and throws will bring to life a boring sofa.  A bold wallpaper will cheer up an otherwise uninteresting room.   It doesn’t take much effort to brighten a room -  flowers, bold vases or plants will all help to bring colour in to your life and brighten a dull January day!  

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